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If you say that Romano is only a crybaby, I want to explain you one of the reasons why you’re are wrong. This reason is called “The Four Days of Naples”, a  popular uprising in city of Naples between 27 and 30 September 1943 against the German forces.

An announcement of the prefect on 22 September decreed compulsory labor for all men from 18–33 years of age and set their forced deportation to work camps in northern Italy and Germany. The population refused to collaborate and rose up.

However, only 150 Neapolitans out of the planned 30,000 responded to the call.

On 27 September, large parties of German troops captured about 8,000 Neapolitans, while 400-500 armed rioters began armed attacks against them, but the Neapolitans didn’t give up and they decided to fight.

The battle lasted four days and ended September 30, with the victory of the Neapolitans and the surrender of the Germans.

Naples was the first European city to get rid of the Nazis alone,  and for these actions the city was awarded the Gold Metal of Military Valor.

I advise you to watch the movie “The Four Days of Naples”, it’s very interesting.


*settles into bed with blankets laptop headphones a drink and everything* ahh yes perfect. I have to pee. 


I found a great series of expressions.


me looking at a character i love: look at this piece of shit fuckwad asshole. someone just punch him in the fucking face. terrible. disgusting. illegal trash. utter garbage. i want to strangle him. fuck him lmao FUCK HIM.

someone: That character is terrible.